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Why Do Small Businesses Need HR?

Updated: Apr 26

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In the competitive world of business, maintaining a well-functioning and efficient workforce is crucial to the success and growth of any organization. However, many small businesses often overlook the importance of Human Resource (HR) resources, assuming it to be a luxury afforded only by larger corporations. 

At Strategic Human Resource & Innovations (SHRI), founded by Dr. Brittany Castonguay, we aim to change this perspective by providing unique and small-business-focused HR solutions. 

Let’s explore the significance of HR resources for small businesses and how SHRI stands out in this realm. We’ll also touch on how hiring Dr. Brittany Castonguay can assist you and your business in even more ways.

Onboarding, Recruitment, and Retention

One of the key challenges faced by small businesses is attracting and retaining top talent. Without effective onboarding, recruitment, and retention strategies, small businesses may struggle to build a skilled and dedicated workforce. This is where HR resources come into play. SHRI recognizes the importance of these aspects and offers tailored solutions to address them effectively.

By implementing robust onboarding programs, SHRI assists small businesses in ensuring that new employees feel welcome, informed, and equipped to contribute from day one. Effective onboarding not only increases employee satisfaction but also reduces turnover and enables your organization to retain valuable talent.

In terms of recruitment, SHRI takes a comprehensive approach that includes job postings, applicant screening, interviews, and reference checks. By utilizing their expertise in the field, SHRI helps small businesses identify the most qualified candidates, streamlining the hiring process and reducing the likelihood of making costly hiring mistakes.

SHRI also understands the significance of retaining skilled employees in a small business setting. Through the use of performance management systems, recognition programs, and employee engagement initiatives, we help small businesses create a positive work environment that fosters loyalty and commitment.

Human Resource Programs (HR Resources)

Developing and implementing effective HR programs is imperative for small businesses for many reasons, such as to maintain compliance with employment regulations and best practices. These programs encompass a wide range of areas, including compensation and benefits, employee relations, policies and procedures, and legal compliance.

By offering customizable HR resources, SHRI ensures that small businesses have access to the resources necessary to navigate these complex waters. With our expertise, we help businesses like yours to establish policies that align with your values and goals, reducing the risk of legal issues and fostering a positive employer/employee experience.

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Training and Development

Investing in the training and development of employees is a crucial element of small business growth. Yet limited resources often hinder small businesses from providing comprehensive training programs. 

However, with the assistance of SHRI, small businesses can overcome this challenge and create a culture of continuous learning through our HR resources.

SHRI collaborates with you to identify your training needs and develop tailored programs to address those needs effectively. By focusing on skills enhancement, leadership development, and performance management, SHRI empowers small businesses to provide employees with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.


In today's world, sustainability is not merely limited to environmental concerns. It also encompasses the ability of a business to thrive and adapt in a rapidly changing marketplace. SHRI recognizes the importance of sustainable practices for small businesses and offers guidance to ensure their long-term success.

Through effective succession planning, talent management, and organizational development strategies, SHRI assists with building a strong foundation for the future. By examining your business's goals and aligning them with HR practices, SHRI HR resources ensure that you’re equipped to overcome challenges and remain competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Dr. Brittany Castonguay 

As the founder and CEO of SHRI, Dr. Brittany Castonguay brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a background in Human Resource Management and a passion for helping small businesses succeed, Dr. Castonguay is well-equipped to serve as a consultant for organizations seeking HR resources and solutions.

Her expertise allows her to guide businesses like yours through various HR challenges, offering innovative and practical solutions. Dr. Castonguay's commitment to client success, plus her understanding of the unique needs of small businesses, makes her and SHRI a reliable and valuable partner on the journey to building a strong and effective workforce.

While small businesses may have limitations, the importance of HR resources cannot be overstated. SHRI, led by Dr. Brittany Castonguay, provides unique and small-business-focused HR solutions that address crucial aspects such as onboarding, recruitment, and retention, as well as HR programs, training and development, and sustainability. By recognizing the significance of these factors and offering tailored solutions, SHRI empowers small businesses. 

We’d like to help you overcome HR challenges and build a thriving, motivated, and efficient workforce. With Dr. Castonguay's expertise and her skilled and experienced team, SHRI ensures that you and your business will have access to the guidance and support needed to propel your growth in today's competitive business landscape.

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