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About Strategic Human Resources & Innovations

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Strategic Human Resources & Innovations, or SHRI, is an LLC comprised of two divisions. The first department focused on helping individual clients with resume writing, interviewing, and job preparation. The second department is designed to help business owners with targeted HR difficulties. These complex issues may range from recruitment and onboarding to talent development and retention. SHRI aims to offer individuals creative, innovative, and strategic Human Resource Management solutions. Providing personalized, individual support to our clients can improve customer satisfaction, task performance, and profitability.


Strategic Human Resources & Innovations aims to drill down to the organization's heart and the employee and devise strategic goals to raise employee satisfaction.


By offering creative, innovative, and strategic solutions to everyday HRM problems, we can enhance the organization's culture and develop a work environment where employees thrive.



  • Business actions can be complex, but working with SHRI won't be. We promise to be transparent in all of our interactions. 


  • It is an Air Force core value that Dr. Castonguay carried over from her service to SHRI and is an integral part of our operations.


  • SHRI promises to work hard for you and treat each client like the individual you are with the specific concerns that you have. When you partner with SHRI, you will receive custom products designed to fit your needs.

Founder & CEO

Tampa Bay HR Services CEO

Dr. Brittany Castonguay

Thank you for considering SHRI for your individual and business needs. I am Brittany, a United States Air Force Veteran and small business owner. I have 10 years of diverse experience operating in complex and diverse organizations. I earned a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change from Tiffin University. The central focus of my dissertation was analyzing Human Resource Management tactics that drive Generation Z's outlook on job satisfaction, task performance, and retention. As a result of my research, I took the following steps to develop SHRI to help bridge academia and the workforce.

A central aspect of the organization is founded on the idea that the individual is the life force of any operation. I apply a servant leadership perspective to every project I handle. When you partner with this organization, I guarantee an individualized solution that works best for you and your situation.

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